Patagonia Halifax Environmental Policy

enviro_best Patagonia wants to be in business for a good long time and a healthy planet is necessary for a healthy business. We want to act responsibly, live within our means, and leave behind not only a habitable planet but also an Earth whose beauty and biodiversity is protected for those who come after us. can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis and that we owe those that work in the textile industry fair labour practices and safe working conditions.

At Patagonia Halifax our environmental efforts can be seen through our Common Threads Program, grass roots environmental donations, and our retail space. The place Patagonia Halifax calls home is at The Alexander Keith’s Brewery Market in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

enviro_wall The Historic building hosts Patagonia Halifax in a space that is over 190 years old. The Canadian brewing company, Alexander Keith’s, founded the brewery in 1820 making it one of the oldest commercial breweries in all of North America. Patagonia Halifax fits in nicely with the charm of the brewery. The store is 3,200 square feet, with two levels, and is a beautiful restoration project.

In an effort to minimize our footprint during the build of Patagonia Halifax we made a request for existing materials to be found and re-used.

  • Store walls and a portion of our lower level floor are original brewery cobblestone and brick.
  • The wood flooring, tables, and doors are made from first generation reclaimed lumber. The 2-3 inch thick Douglas Fur planks are from a Second World War aircraft hanger in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.
  • enviro_solar
  • We have 5 solar panels on the roof servicing our lower level in-floor radiant heating as well as the domestic hot water for the kitchen and bathroom. As a secondary heat source and main cooling source Patagonia Halifax has four heat pumps. We have made them even more efficient by placing them inside the interior courtyard of the brewery.
  • Staff can commute by bicycle and promote their active lifestyle, even on a break, as we offer a kitchen and shower facilities for a big day at Patagonia Halifax.
  • enviro_lighting
  • For lighting we implemented LED lights that use less energy and have a 20- year life.• The painted walls are VOC-free avoiding harsh fumes and chemicals.
  • Our fixtures and hangers are made from bamboo, a renewable resource that absorbs greenhouse gases and grows faster than trees.

At Patagonia Halifax we are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We could not be happier with the outcome of our store and it brings us great pride to know it has come to us from locally sourced material and ownership in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Join Patagonia in our common threads initiative: Reduce your impact by reusing where you can and recycling when you cannot.